Artist Statement

My paintings are inspired by memories, dreams, subtle feelings difficult to describe with words, my interior landscapes and inner worlds. I seek to give color to the ineffable, to describe that which is formless, to dive into the obscure and uncharted, in search of the one realm with which all things are connected.

Pictorial elements translate as incongruous shapes that sometimes come forward, sometimes recede into the distance, recalling distant cities, the softness of a hazy landscape, or bodies of water lost under early morning mist. These images might interact with the viewer’s memory or subconscious.

I practice painting as a kind of meditation in action. I let the process of mark making take me on a journey into the unknown. The marks teach me patience, teach me self-forgiveness, they are a constant reminder of how to abdicate control. As artists, perhaps as humans, we are plagued by fear of making mistakes. I let the painting process stand as proof that it is exactly these ‘mistakes,’ that when layered and allowed to remain, allowed to exist, create unexpected beauty and resolution itself.



So many works of art created by the lineage of great masters throughout the history of art move me deeply, move me to tears. One evening I asked the question: how is it that great works of art, music, poetry, film and writing have the power to affect us humans so profoundly, stir us deeply to the core?

The answer I received was this: Great art is Love made visible. Great music is Love made audible. Great writing is Love experienced and made understood. Great creative works elevate us. They extend to each of us a personal invitation to participate in the Cosmic Love Affair.

If this is true, it is the improbable task of the Artist to enter into realms unknown, to catch a glimpse of impersonal Cosmic Love and make it visible for the rest of us. The object of art, or literature, or musical composition, is nothing more than a snapshot taken by the tourist of uncharted territory, a postcard sent to humanity documenting stops along the way, from the depths of the dark underworld to the heights of luminous heavens, on their quest toward the numinous and sublime.