Enter Within
After the End
Super-string Theory
Asking to be Whole
10.09 Painting 36 x48.jpg
Reflection Nebula
Heart of Tara
Losing One's Urge to Hide
paintings 2011 24x30 586.jpg
2015 Low Res-0694.jpg
Somewhere in Time
Hanging Gardens of Babylon 4
Hanging Gardens of Babylon 1
Hanging Gardens of Babylon 2
Ananda Kesler_-0033.jpg
Ananda Kesler_-.jpg
Ethereal Substance
Longing for Another Realm
Ananda Kesler_-0027-2.jpg
Ananda Kesler_-0007.jpg
Ananda Kesler_-0025.jpg
Hanging Gardens of Babylon 3
The Eastern Wind meets Westerly
Encountering Mercurial Tendencies. 48"x 48"
The Structuring of Space
Facing This Time Alone
Subtle Interpretations
Lost Worlds, Forgotten Words
A Place Creates Itself
Unnamed Spheres
Parting the Curtains of Darkness
The Burden of Nostalgia
The Shadows Want Attention
Zodiac of the Mind
On the Inside
Finding Solitude
The Journey of Ōkuninushi
Not Sure How
Journey Through Memory
Leave Yourself Behind
The Mental Gardens of Kublai Khan
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